112-2 Service Learning Course TA and Student Club Training Event 【Creating Sustainable Future through Service Learning】

Topic: Creating Sustainable Future through Service Learning
Speaker: 羅曉勤

Event Description: In order to practice sustainable living, fostering partnerships with a spirit of service learning is indispensable. The workshop will lead everyone through a simulated real-world tabletop game to experience the underlying causes of today's global issues together and to contemplate with the participants how to establish and manage the spirit of service learning and the construction of sustainable relationships when turning the world into a sustainable one.

Event Time: March 11th, 113th Year (Monday) 18:30~20:30
Registration Time: March 11th, 113th Year (Monday) 17:50
Location: First Conference Room, First Floor, Administrative Building
Target Audience: Teaching Assistants for Service Learning Courses (Priority Admission), Officers of Service-Oriented Clubs, Students Taking Service Learning Courses, and NTU students interested in the lecture. Limited to 80 participants.

Sign up here: https://forms.gle/Pn6ZrUdAEJFVEuU16

Note: This lecture will be conducted in Chinese.

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